Sheltered housing with outpatient care in Meuselwitz


New construction of flat-share accommodation

Client: AWO AJS gGmbH
Planning: 2014-2015
Construction period: 2015-2016
Area: 4.455 m²
Service phases: 1-9

This new construction is a two-storey building with a flat roof which consists of two wings and one central connecting building. In the centre there is a courtyard with adjacent communal areas for the shared accommodation. The access is through the foyer in the north-east.

Both side wings accommodate shared living with 12 single rooms on both storeys. Each living area has a large communal area with kitchen, dining corner and living room. The single rooms are approx. 19m² and each has a barrier-free bath with shower, WC and basin.

All public, social and care functions are contained in the central connector. The ground floor contains the kitchen, a meeting place, the nurses' room, as well as a house service room and fire alarm system.

The upper floor contains the building services, changing rooms for kitchen and nursing staff, offices for nursing managers and the wellness bath for the residents.