Printing plant ODD


Reconstruction of a printing plant in Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Client: odd GmbH & Co. KG Print + Medien
Planning: 2005–2006
Construction period: 2006–2007
Area: 7.600 m²
Service phases: 1-8

The building consists, in accordance with its functions, of two main building structures. In the northeast, a 2-storey office and administrative building was built with a conference area on the ground floor. This is divided into two main open spaces or aisles, similar to those in a church. Smaller areas were built for the purpose of reception, storage and disposal, and to enable people to access the two- storeyed, south facade social gathering area. The new building includes the printing presses and also an area for further processing of the printed products. The area is also taken into account for the provision of essential raw materials and serves as a storage area for finished products. A patio is placed between the office and the production area which is used when workers take a break. The patio also serves as a sound buffer. The building can be accessed via 4 external stairways (1 staircase is situated in the courtyard).