Printing plant LASERLINE


Reconstruction of a printing plant in Berlin

Client: LASERLINE Digitales Druckzentrum Bucec & Co. Berlin KG
Planning: 2005–2006
Construction period: 2006–2007
Area: 4.500 m²
Service phases: 1-8

Production and client business areas are housed in the digital printing centre. The building is rectangular and the parapet wall is made up to the same height. Part of the management area extends above the parapet wall and has three floors. A lounge area with a roof terrace is located in this area. The major part of production is contained in a single storey which extends over the full height of the building. The warehouse and side rooms are on the second storey. Most of the production surface is single-storey and extends through the whole height of the building. The warehouse and additional office space is however two-storey. The building was constructed in a post and beam construction made of reinforced concrete. The single-storey production area is completely column free. The exterior walls are constructed as massive aerated concrete plates. An Alucobond metal façade is hung in front of the concrete curtain and has the company’s corporate colour. The large glass facades were implemented with self-supporting, insulated bivalve, aluminium profiles and have window openings.