Day nursery "Kindernest Rodebach" in Zella-Mehlis


Extension and conversion

Client: Town of Zella-Mehlis
Planning: 2016-2017
Construction period: 2017-2018
Area: 1,450 m²
Service phases: 1-9

In Zella-Mehlis, surrounded by the highest elevations in the Thuringian Forest, the two-storey “Kindernest Rodebach” day nursery has been redeveloped and enlarged with an extension. The facility has been regarded as an entire building in consideration of the open concept, not as an additional extension. The space concepts are coordinated with one another, allowing 50 new day nursery places to be created, in addition to the existing 103 places. For optimum care conditions, parts of the existing building have been converted and functions have been redistributed. For the first time, the day nursery will have its own children’s restaurant and various themed rooms, such as the creative room and the building room.