Crèche Ringelbluemchen in Erfurt


Reconstruction of a crèche in Erfurt

Client: AWO AJS gGmbH
Planning: 2012–2013
Construction period: 2013–2014
Area: 1.450 m²
Service phases: 1-9

In the midst of an embossed homes housing estate in Erfurt-Ringelberg the crèche “Ringelbluemchen” (marigold) has been established. The two-storey building has an angular structure with no basement. The building has three furnished group areas each containing two group rooms for up to ten children, a common room and a sanitary area. In front of the group area, large hallways connect the group rooms and allow sufficient room to play. A large multi-purpose room, a music room and a rooftop garden form the shared rooms upstairs. The ground floor encompasses the function rooms for staff as well as a kitchen and Washing area.